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About Us

Namaste and Welcome to ‘India to States’, your ultimate guide to surviving and thriving in the good ol’ US of A! We understand the struggles and challenges of being a new immigrant, especially for young adults, and we’re here for all those desi folks who have made the big move from the land of diversity to the land of opportunity.

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Our Founder is witty and sarcastic, he has seen his chaddi buddy and his brother go through it all – from stocking up on their favorite Indian groceries and navigating the crazy world of renting a house as an international student to making some extra cash while studying and saving up for big purchases like a car or a house, and even tips on how to spice up your dorm room with some desi decor. Don’t you forget that coveted Green Card – we’ve got tips and tricks for everything!

India to States is not just a blog – it’s a community. We encourage interaction between our readers, because let’s face it, who understands the struggles of being an Indian immigrant better than fellow Indian immigrants? 

We also believe in sharing embarrassing experiences and funny stories (and yes, we do have some pretty ducked up stories about cultural differences and navigating life in America). Our blog is filled with stories of success and inspiration from fellow NRIs who have made their mark in the States.

We may not have all the answers (we’re still trying to figure it out ourselves!), but we promise to make you laugh along the way. So join us on this journey of balancing our desi roots with living our best lives abroad.